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Tutorial - How to upload arduino controler to your cumputer


You must have already installed the Arduino application, see tutorial.

1. - Download the driver "sketch" here. Inside the zip there are two folders "TextFinder" is a library needed and "ControladorCromaLightV1".

2. - Install the library. Select the application of Arduino, do CTRL-CLICK and select "Show Package Contents" Open folder "Contents"> "Resources"> "Java"> "libraries". have copied the folder "TextFinder".

3.-Open the folder ControladorCromaLightV1, CLICK on ControladorCromaLightV1.pde (it will open the sketch in the Arduino application)

4.-In the "sketch" or "code" find the line where says "byte ip [] = {192,168,1,177};" and Type the IP to be allocated to CromaLight App, must be the same IP that you put on configuration TAB on iPhone APP.

4.-Click upload button.



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